Rare 1976 Avion Motorhome in Capitola CA

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Rare 1976 Avion Motorhome in Capitola CA

Post by TroublePowertools » Tue Jul 18, 2017 7:33 pm

Avion built this class C motorhome for just three years, 1976-1978, and fewer than 500 of these were ever made. RV has a solid aluminum frame, interior and exterior aluminum paneling, with fiberglass cab-over. Cabinetry and interior detailing all original, all wood, I believe it is birch, no particleboard! Beautiful domed ceiling. Rear side door, with bathroom in far rear, kitchenette centered over rear axle and living space in front. Dinette seats 5 and converts into a bed, there is a single bed / couch with storage underneath, and cab-over area that sleeps two. Sleeps 5 total.

Chassis is a Dodge Sportsman van, Mopar 440 rebuilt engine with less than 10,000 miles, parts very easy to find. Rear dual axle with extra leaf springs added for weight capacity and to improve the ride. Mechanically it is in excellent condition. It has been in Arizona and Southern California for the last 20 years, according to the previous owner. Twenty two feet long means it is small enough to be manouverable. Fits in corners of parking lots or oversized parking spots, and is under the 23' limit for street parking in many places.

- Dodge Mopar 440 6 cylinder engine, rebuilt with less than 10,000 miles on engine
- Automatic transmission
- Gas powered, has carburetor and dual fuel pump system.
- I installed a manual cutoff switch to the starter battery. You can charge the coach batteries from the alternator, but if you are off-grid and parked a while you can separate the systems so you don't run down the starter by accident. Also a good anti-theft mechanism.
- Gas mileage around 12 mpg with gentle driving, 8 uphill with a trailer
- Passed CA smog check in April 2017
- 6 new tires
- New fuel pump (one of two), power steering pump, starter motor.
- Power brakes, power steering
- Freshly re-sealed roof. One of the things that is wonderful about Avions is that with aluminum framing and paneling, you will have no issues with dry rot, the plague of all other RVs, even if it does leak. I did not have any interior leak problems, but decided to seal the whole roof anyway when installing solar instead of just re-sealing the seams.
- Exterior ladder
- Cargo roof rack
- Spare tire
- Frame intact little rust, minimal rust on hood and metal bumper.
- Exterior storage compartments
- Re-done rear leaf-springs with extra leaf, re-done rear ball joints.
- Two exterior awnings
- Standard trailer hitch receiver. I towed another RV trailer with this at one point, about 1500 lbs, no problems. It is a powerful motor.

Interior Working:
- 4 burner propane stove
- Propane oven
- Stove vent and vent fan
- Forced air propane heater system
- Dometic refrigerator with separate freezer, runs on electric and propane
- Built in propane tank
- 300 watt monocrystaline solar power system, with 400 watt MPPT charge controller. This is a high efficiency setup, all installed. Expandible with one more panel if you have greater needs. The solar system could run lights, fans a few hours a day, and a couple hours of TV a day for me. I found I only needed to fire up a generator if I wanted to binge-watch TV or run the AC for an extended period. Off-grid ready.
- Two new 12 volt batteries
- Dual electrical systems, 12 volt and 120 volt when you have a hookup. Interior electrical lights and fans all work. Lights have new low-energy LED bulbs, the nice warm white ones.
- Instrument panel to monitor tank and battery levels
- Built in inverter
- Built in battery charger
- Water pump
- Hot water heater, propane
- Divided stainless steel kitchen sink
- Stainless bathroom sink with new fittings.
- Shower with new fittings
- Toilet, flushes
- Fresh water tank
- Air conditioner

Things that need work:
- Shared grey/blackwater tank has a crack. Needs to be patched or replaced. Tanks run $200 - $500 on Amazon.
- Built in generator will turn over but not start. Had a mechanic look at it, he thought it needed a new carburetor or could be a blocked fuel line.
- Fresh water tank leaks when 100% full. I have noticed this when filling it, when driving with a freshly filled tank, and the first time turning on the water pump after filling the tank. Not sure if it is just spilling over from the intake or if there is damage high up on the tank itself. It will lose a couple gallons and stop leaking, fresh water system otherwise holds pressure and water.
- A couple exterior running lights are out. I have a full set of new LED running lights to replace them, never got to it. You can have them.
- Rear bumper has some rust and a cracked weld.
- Two windows have cracked panes
- Some cosmetic interior things: small chips and scratches on wood cabinets, oven door missing handle, one bathroom light missing a cover. It's older carpet.
- Large exterior awning needs new fabric.

I think that's the extent of repairs needed. I want to be honest about that, because if you are not willing to do a little work to keep this beauty on the road, she is not for you. I've already got most of the systems running. I was planning to finish this restoration and live in the Avion a couple years, but that isn't how life is going for me. I want it to go to someone who will appreciate something like this and do the rest.

Please contact me with offers or for more info! I'm asking $12500 OBO. Thanks for looking. - Jess

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Re: Rare 1976 Avion Motorhome in Capitola CA

Post by nralifer » Sat Dec 16, 2017 2:34 pm

I see that this has been re-listed, price dropped to $11,499.... If money were no object, I would LOVE to have this one in my back yard! Hopefully ha can get it sold to an Avion enthusiast that will appreciate and take care of it!
(I am going to add pictures from the current ad.... they might have been here originally, but lost during the moves.)

https://medford.craigslist.org/rvs/d/cl ... 75106.html
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