"Sediment" Tube in Fresh Water Tank

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"Sediment" Tube in Fresh Water Tank

Post by silverloaf » Fri Oct 06, 2017 9:16 am

Part of the restoration process on my 1988 30P was to remove the fresh water tank. In addition to chemically cleaning the tank, I decided to replace the nylon fittings at the base of the tank.

When removing the old fittings, I came across a tube that was press-fit into the fittings. The tube is approximately 1-1/2" long and has an oval slot molded into its side wall.

I'm not sure of its orientation in the tank. A local RV shop says the tube's use and purpose are a mystery to them.

I'm going to eliminate the tubes when replacing the fittings; I planned on installing a pump strainer on the inlet side anyway to capture any debris.

So, if anyone is experiencing water flow issues in their system when using the pump, you might want to inspect your tank fittings for these tubes. I plan on installing a tankless water heater; minimizing restrictions is important for optimal function and water flow.


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