Space heater electric usage

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Space heater electric usage

Post by KYAvion » Wed Jan 10, 2018 6:21 pm

My electric company has a website with data for electrical usage per day, so I got the numbers for our Avion usage over New Year's. During that time I was running two space heaters. As far as electric draw, I assume the thermostat on each space heater was kicked on to put out heat pretty much nonstop since it was so cold. I'd also assume my two tank heaters on the black tank ran pretty regularly, as well as the heater on the pipe between the black tank and gate valve. I'd also assume the heat cable on my water line was also on most of the time.

December 31st from 12:01AM to 11:59PM.
- Low temp was 8 degrees, high 18 degrees, and average temp 13 degrees
-Total kWh during 24 hour period was 77.31 kWh
-Cost for electric was $7.14

Given the temp and that I have no storm windows, I think these figures are pretty good. However, I wonder how these numbers compare to the cost to run the propane furnace. Anyone able to estimate that?

I could have possibly reduced the overall cost by turning the space heaters on low (750 watt vs 1500 watt each) when we weren't in the camper during the day, and used the furnace to bring the temp back up when we returned.

During a different 24 hour period, I also looked at the cost to run the two heat pads on the black tank, single heater on pipe between tank and gate valve, and heat cable on water line. The only other electrical draw I can think of would have been the juice used to run the converter to keep the batteries charged.

January 2nd
-Low temp was 0 degrees, high 22 degrees, and average temp was 11 degrees
-Total kWh during 24 hour period was 7.81 kWH
-Cost for electric was 72 cents

Again, not too bad for such cold temps.
1984 Avion 30R

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