Avion La Grande as a Farday cage

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Avion La Grande as a Farday cage

Post by jcloophole » Thu Aug 10, 2017 5:58 pm

Given the situation between N Korea and the US, and the possibility of a nuclear caused EMP, has anyone looked into the possibility of a Avion trailer being a Faraday cage to save electronics? I am serious. I appreciate serious responses.

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Re: Avion La Grande as a Farday cage

Post by RISK » Thu Aug 10, 2017 9:50 pm

What an interesting question and idea.

I have absolutely no business trying to answer this question, but since you posed the question, I have now thought of my avion as a possible faraday cage.

So, yes is my answer, I've thought of it.

A lightning strike is the most common EMP so let's start there. I learned that one of the safest places to be in a lighting storm is in a vehicle (as opposed to near a tree) as they are insulated from the ground via the tires. However, there is the steel belting in tires to consider, but they are pretty well insulated. Plus 1 for the avion, they have tires. Though they also have a tongue jack, but thats easy, just be hooked up to your vehicle (hopefully somewhere pretty, because nowadays they are just a pile of electronics on wheels. It'll be fried).
Now, lets consider the shell, it's anodized unless you have an early model that you polished. I have no idea what this would be in benefit here except for the fact that it does have an extra layer of purposefully oxidized aluminum. Perhaps this aids in protection, I know my Avion is way tougher than my Airstream in terms of the exterior skin, so with no real scientific bases, I'm giving the Avion another plus 1.
But! Aluminum is very conductive, very. If our Avions were made of stainless, they would be far less conductive, but they are not, dammit. Minus .5...

We are still doing alright, but we have a major issue to consider... the windows and vents and any other orifice that electricity can slither into. Any vintage trailer aficionado worth his bearing grease has a stash of aluminum laying around, be it in sheet form for repairs or in an aborted Airstream renovation. The answer here would seem to be to fashion "storm guards" of a sort with those spare bits. Heck, even start wadding aluminum foil into every crack and crevice to ward off the potential rogue electrons.

I just thought of something though, you couldn't have any lights going because the grid will surely go down, so you'd better stock up on glow sticks.
Wait, if the grid is down, how will you know if your electronics survived? Hmmm... somehow we've reached an impasse of epic proportions.

I am going to have to say, no, your Avion won't protect your electronics in the event of a nuclear war. Now I am going to go hug my family and find out where NRALIFER lives and shack up with him. Something tells me he'd be a good friend to have in case we are at war...

This was my very serious attempt at a serious response to your question... seriously.


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Re: Avion La Grande as a Farday cage

Post by nralifer » Thu Aug 10, 2017 11:41 pm

I put my moderator hat on and moved this thread from Exterior Restoration to This and That..... It was certainly off-topic where it came from... but it seems to have been asked seriously..... and this IS This and That..... so.......

And, I would have to agree with the assessment that our Avions would not make great Faraday cages..... IMHO, of course.

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