Cayo Trailer Repair

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Cayo Trailer Repair

Post by silverloaf » Tue Oct 17, 2017 12:11 pm

We had the opportunity to meet Chuck Cayo yesterday during a trip to West Michigan.

His shop is located in Watervliet, MI. His repair service is 10 miles northeast of Benton Harbor where Avion trailers were originally built. The assembly plant still exists but has been converted into a storage facility.

It was Chuck's grandfather who founded Avion in the early 50's. The trailers were built in Benton Harbor and San Jacinto, California. The business was sold to Ligon Enterprises in 1970, who sold it to Fleetwood Enterprises in 1976. Fleetwood stopped producing the traditional Avion trailers in 1990.

Chuck is the go-to guy for repairs and information on Avion trailers. Earlier this summer, he said his parking area was over-run with trailers. He is not taking on any more work until Spring.

Chuck was very informative. I asked him some questions about the work I have been doing on my 1988 30P. This was rather validating. I have been in uncharted waters in our restoration process. I have talked to him often over the past month. He has always been willing to share his technical expertise and part sources.

Here are a few things I walked away with:

1. It is not unusual for changes to occur in a production year. For example, Fleetwood would make trim changes, including experimenting with fiberglass panels at the base of the trailer.

2. Should you contact Chuck, I recommend having the production month and date available. He will be able to tell you the specific features about your trailer's build content, including benefits and blind spots. This might be helpful if looking to purchase a trailer.

2. The light-weight urethane spray foam between the inner walls and outer skin is not there for just insulation. It is actually a structural component, providing stiffness and strength to the overall assembly. I used to do spray foam work and can attest to its many benefits. The fact that it was being used in Avion trailers in the early 70's is truly remarkable.

3. Lack of maintenance and neglect is an Avion trailer's worst nightmare. I suppose this the reason Chuck is still in business.

It was a fun time talking with Chuck.


Chuck Cayo
Cayo Trailer Repair
4835 M-140
Watervliet, MI 49098
269) 463-5068

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Re: Cayo Trailer Repair

Post by nralifer » Tue Oct 17, 2017 10:18 pm

Thank you for the report! I hope to meet Chuck some day. I would really like for him to PermaCoat our Avion.
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