Looks like we'll get at least one more trip!

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Re: Looks like we'll get at least one more trip!

Post by nralifer » Mon Nov 21, 2016 10:19 pm

I am trying to decide on what to get to provide electric heat when we are in a full hook-ups site (which is most of the time we are out and about).
I have several options in mind:
1) Ceramic heater(s)
2) Something like an EdenPure
3) an oil-filled radiator-looking heater
4) something with a simple electric element
5) a heat strip for the Brisk-Air unit on the ceiling
6) a Kimberly wood stove (obviously not an electric option.... but definitely at the top of my list!)

I think I will post this as a new thread in the Appliances section and ask for input/suggestions.
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