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Post by Mark R. Obtinario » Sun Oct 09, 2016 7:14 pm

As part of the epic journey we took last summer we wanted to visit Yellowstone National Park.

I had been advised by several other people who had been to Yellowstone in the last couple of years that the best way in which to see the park was to take a bus tour.

Now as a former bus tour operator I am always ready to take a bus tour, if for no other reason than to "check out" the competition. :)

The number one reason given to me to take the bus was so you wouldn't have to drive through the park.

I am glad we heeded the advice. By noon most of the parking lots at the attractions were pretty much filled up. In fact, at a couple of the attractions the bus driver dropped the group off at the entrance to the parking lot and by the time he finally was able to get up to the entrance it was time to load up and head off to the next attraction.

Another plus was the bus picked up and dropped us off at our RV park.

I do not know how bad the traffic would be before Memorial Day and after Labor Day but it is pretty heavy most of the time. Plus, if you have to travel through with your trailer hitched up there really is not very much parking for large vehicles. And that isn't taking into consideration the amount of ups and downs you have to traverse through the park.

The company we used was the Buffalo Bus Touring Company. They also put some of their buses on tracks and do abbreviated tours during the winter. ... bus-tours/

There are two KOA's in West Yellowstone. The one furthest to the west is a newer facility and has very few amenities. Of course that is the one in which we ended up camping. So no pool after a day in the bus.
This is the one in which we stayed:

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Re: Yellowstone

Post by KYAvion » Mon Oct 10, 2016 12:03 am

Your posts of places out west are making me want to take a road trip!
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