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Frequently Asked Questions

Post by KYAvion » Sun Feb 05, 2017 8:56 pm

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there an app for the site so I don't have to open up my browser each time I want to visit?

An app is not available, but a shortcut can be added to your device's home screen. For example, with an iPhone select the "+" symbol above "Add to Home Screen."

2. How do I attach a picture?

Below the text box for entering a message, select Upload Attachment: Choose File: Add the File. Once a picture has been uploaded, the image file will be listed below "Posted attachments." Up to 10 pictures can be uploaded per post. Please note that at this time the size of an image must be no more than 256kb. **SIZE LIMITATION RESOLVED AND IMAGES NO LONGER NEED TO BE RESIZED PRIOR TO UPLOAD**

3. How do I keep pictures less than 256kb so I can upload them? **SIZE LIMITATION RESOLVED AND IMAGES NO LONGER NEED TO BE RESIZED PRIOR TO UPLOAD**

The host of the forum software is working on a modification to have pictures automatically resized to 256kb or less, but during the interim images must be manually resized prior to uploading. If using a smartphone, an easy app to use is Batch Resizer 2. ... 60219?mt=8.

Using the Batch Resizer 2 app, selecting a width of 800 pixels and jpeg quality of 70% should keep the file size to less than 256kb.

On a desktop computer, a simple method is to resave the image at 72 DPI. Another method is to adjust the width/height of an image to keep the file size less than 256kb.

4. How do I insert a picture into the text of my message?

After uploading a file by selecting Upload Attachment: Choose File: Add the File, a list of attachments will be shown below "Posted Attachments." Select "Place inline" for an image to be inserted within the text of your message. Please note that the picture will be placed at the location of the cursor within the message text box, so it is advisable to position the cursor in the desired location prior to selecting "Place inline."

5. How do I set up email notifications for ALL replies to messages I post?

User Control Panel: Board Settings: Edit Posting Defaults: Notify Me upon Replies by Default

6. How do I alter the date and time?

User Control Panel: Board Preferences: Global Settings: My Timezone / Summer Time/DST is in Effect

7. How do I change the appearance of the forum?

User Control Panel: Board Preferences: Global Settings: My Board Style

8. How do I set up a signature and/or avatar?

User Control Panel: Profile: Edit Signature/Edit Avatar

Please note that when uploading an image for use as an avatar, the image must be a minimum of 20x20 pixels and maximum of 90x90 pixels.

9. I'm unable to register or I haven't received an email verifying my account. How do I fix this?

If having trouble, post a message in the Registration Issues forum so we may assist you.
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